Liver Transplant Pakistan Successful Liver Transplant in India by Experienced Team of Dr Jyotsna Verma Liver Transplant Cost - Rupee 16 Lakh

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Liver Disease Treatment and Liver Transplant in India

Liver Transplant Pakistan is launched and established by Liver Transplant Consultant Dr Jyotsna Verma to Help, Guide and Educate Patients from Pakistan in need of Liver Transplant. Dr Jyotsna Verma provides complete Medical, Financial and Legal Information related to Liver Transplant in Pakistan and India and Abroad to save them from hassles created by insufficient and/or misleading information.

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Liver Transplant in Pakistan and India

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It Is Important! Before taking any decision, try to understand the difference between a Liver Transplant and a Successful Liver Transplant.


Liver Transplant of an eligible patient proves to be a Life Saving Procedure if it is done at the right time, by a team of competent surgeons with right intentions and motives. But most of the patients are unprepared for this major operation. They get misguided by inadequate, unsubstantiated and sometimes misleading information. Such information is available through the internet and propaganda done on behalf of many Liver Transplant Centers in Pakistan and India.

During my special training at Kings College Hospital, London under the guidance of Dr. Nigel Heaton, Dr. M. Rela and Dr. John O' Grady, it was emphasised that "To get the best result out of this life saving procedure of Liver Transplant, the liver disease patient and his family members must have complete information about its Pros and Cons."

The patient, his family members, caretakers and well-wishers must be fully aware about various Liver Transplant Hospitals and their Success-rates, Cost of this process, Surgeons, Doctors and various teams doing this operation, Post Liver Transplant Life, Medicines and their side effects etc. etc.

Liver Disease and Liver Transplant Patients alongwith their family members have to pass through extremely tough trials and tribulations for a few weeks and I found it extremely pityful that those from foreign countries like Pakistan and Gulf region have to face unnecessary odds and obstacles. They are the worst victims due to vested interests of many people. It compelled me to launch this website to help those hapless in all possible manners.

Liver Transplant must be done only after understanding its Pros and Cons properly because a major surgery like Liver Transplant Must Be A Practical Decision And Not An Emotional One. During my consultation I prepare the patient and family members by clearly telling them in detail:

link The Pros and Cons of Liver Transplant in Pakistan and in India

link Various Hospitals, Doctors, Surgeons and their Succes rates

link Precautions(before and after Liver Transplant)

link Availability of liver transplant medicines in Pakistan and India at lowest possible rates

link Complete Liver Transplant Scenario in Pakistan, India and China

link What to do and What not to do, Where to go and where not to go ( with detailed logical reasons )

link And many, many other necessary and useful facts and information

I understand that the patient alongwith family members is coming to India not only for a Liver Transplant but for A Successful Liver Transplant so that he/she may live a quality life after the transplant.

Believe me, Liver Transplant is not a Child's Play, it is a serious thing and its success depends on Right Decisions at the Right Time. I help, guide, educate and provide information about different ways to Minimize the Cost of a Successful Liver Transplant.

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Send your latest following reports for an expert opinion:

CBC, LFT, PT(INR), S.Creatinine, Alpha Feto Protein (AFP), USG/CT Scan Abdomen

Donot restrict yourself to a Single Docotor, Surgeon, Team or Hospital.

For a major surgery like Liver Transplant Do take Opinions of more than one expert before deciding anything.

Cost of Liver Transplant for Pakistani patients coming to India

The Cost of Liver Transplant for Pakistani patients is about Rs. 22 Lakh (2200000) Pakistani Rupee or from Rs.12 Lakh to 16 Lakh (1200000 to 1600000) Indian Rupee. The Cost of Liver Transplant depends on Hospital, Surgeon and many other variables. Some of the factors which increase the cost of Liver Transplant are:

 1) Dalal/Middlemen and / or Commissions Agents.

 2) Unnecessary Medical Tests.

 3) Medical Tourism Companies involved.

 4) Commission paid for money exchange.

 5) Unnecessary Costly medicines .

During our consultation we provide information about different ways to Minimize the Cost of a Sucessful Liver Transplant.

Liver Donor, Doctors, Surgeons and Hospitals

In case Liver Transplant is required, the three big questions which arise immediately are:

 1) How to find and motivate a Liver Donor in the family?

 2) How to find a Cadaver Liver Donor in case the family donor is not available.

3) Which Doctor/Surgeon to approach ?

4) Which Hospital to select for this major operation ?

Our Consultation dispells all the doubts and deals with all such matters in detail.

Our Patients purchase medicines directly from the companies at huge discounts.

DOs & DON'Ts in Liver Disease

Donot Panic at all. In most of the cases Liver Disease can be easily managed by life style changes and by certain precautions.

See! Every Heart Patient Does not need Open Heart Surgery. Most of the people keep on living whole life with heart disease, without surgery. Similarly

Every Liver Disease Patient Does Not Need Liver Transplant.

If unfortunately Liver Transplant is recommended, even then Liver Transplant Is Not An Emergency Surgery. Liver Transplant must be done only after understanding its Pros and Cons properly.

During our consultation (2 to 3 hours) we discuss each and every minor detail related to Liver Disease and Liver Transplant in Pakistan and India.